Catholic Education has had a strong presence in the Quincy area for decades. Below you will see a few testimonials from families that have sent their children to our schools.

The Quincy Catholic school family has always and will continue to provide family values, religious beliefs, educational learning and many extracurricular activities that challenge students. The support of the faculty, coaches, fellow parents and student body all play a large role in the daily development of our children. Their Catholic school experience has enabled our three older children to pursue higher education, collegiate athletics and professional job security.

-Jim & Kris Thomas

When it came time to send our kids to school, we looked at all the options, and we found that the Catholic Schools were worth the investment. 

-Shawn & Jennifer Dickerman

We looked at our options and we found that a Catholic education was the right fit for our family. The staff, the teachers, the small class sizes, the family atmosphere. It  just all seems to fit. It has not only allowed our kids to grow, but my wife and I as well.

-Brad & Lori Eaton